How to Set up and Install Canon PIXMA TS9120 Drivers on Window OS

How to Set up and Install Canon PIXMA TS9120 Drivers on Window OS

Printers print our emotion, feeling, creativity, children’s growing dreams passion, and inspiration. It gives shape to all kind of imagination, art, and thought. Canon PIXMA TS9120 is another gem from the rich and creative magic box of the Canon.

It is an impressive printing machine. This printer is most suitable for any domestic, small and medium level start-up to cater the need of a copy, scan and print any kind of text as well as image.


Steps for the installation of Canon PIXMA TS9120 without the help of CD

First method

1. A driver of Canon PIXMA TS9120, for the file of a driver, you can download it from the company website.
2. A USB cable for connecting the printer with your PC.
Steps for the installation:
3. Power on the PC and Canon TS9120 printer.
4. Start with downloading the driver and installing it on your PC by given process.
5. Now attach the USB when the downloaded driver is installed.
6. Complete the installation according to the guidelines.
7. Your Canon PIXMA TS9120 is all set to use.

Second method

1. The driver of Canon PIXMA TS9120 can be downloaded from the web.
2. USB cable of PIXMA TS9120 printer.

Steps for the installation:

1. Power on your PC and printer.
2. Attach Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer with your PC with help of the USB cable.
3. Conduct the extraction of the downloaded driver file.
4. Go to “Control Panel”, select “View devices and printers,” and then click Fax and Printers.
5. Select printer & press the option called “Add a Printer”.
6. Identify the address path of the extracted driver file that you had downloaded from the website
7. Go with the guidelines and finish the process.
8. After completion of installation, your Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer is all set to use.

Manual Installation Steps of the Canon PIXMA TS9120 Driver


1. CD or DVD player to install Canon PIXMA TS9120 driver on your PC.
2. CD Disk of Canon PIXMA TS9120 driver which you get in the box of your printer.
3. USB Cable to connect the printer to PC.

Installation instruction with CD Drive:

1. Turn on your PC and printer.
2. Go through with the instruction from CD after inserting it to CD or DVD driver.
3. Connect USB of Canon PIXMA TS9120 printer to your PC if instruction asks for it.
4. Go through with the instruction after detection of USB.
5. After completion of all steps, an alert pops up notifying that the printer is all set for use.

Steps of uninstallation for Windows:

1. Press Windows button of your keyboard.
2. Click on “Control Panel”.
3. Select “Uninstall a Program.”
4. Find the Driver you want to uninstall
5. Click on the Uninstall button.
6. Wait for the process to complete.
7. Your driver is uninstalled.

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