What Is The Best Method To Increase Password Security?

What Is The Best Method To Increase Password Security?

The security of your password has never been more essential. It is essential to have a password for almost every online activity such as login to our bank accounts, email accounts, and other accounts, online social networking websites and shopping accounts, or online forums The list of possibilities is endless! With the number of password-protected websites, it’s difficult to remember the different passwords for each account , so we usually use the same password on several sites to make life a little bit easier. The majority of the time the passwords we use will have low security and may contain the names of relatives as well as nicknames, birth dates and other information that is easily identifiable. According to a study conducted by security experts the most popular passwords for websites are “123456” and “password.” They’re certainly easy to recall, however it also makes them equally simple to hack. And if you’re using this simple password on multiple accounts, as 92% of users do–you put your entire data at the risk of being compromised.

According to the latest Verizon Security Research Report on Data Breach (DBIR) The report states that compromised or stolen passwords are the cause of more than the 80 percent of hacking-related data breaches. A secure password is essential element in keeping your information secure online. While it is the most crucial component of online security most people overlook the dangers associated with poor passwords, which can result in hacking attacks.

You’ll require an account with a password for nearly everything you do on the Web such as accessing your emails to banking online. While it’s easier to create a simple easily remembered password, this could pose serious dangers for your online security. To safeguard yourself and your personal information it is recommended to choose passwords that are long, secure and difficult for someone other than you to guess, all while making them easy to remember. visit www.webroot.com/safe




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