What is it? Microsoft Office Lens & How do we use it?

What is it? Microsoft Office Lens & How do we use it?

Microsoft Office Lens is a built-in camera and was previously only available for iPad and iPhone with the Microsoft OneNote application, but is now available for other Office.com/setup applications such as Microsoft OneDrive, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook. This lens feature from Microsoft enables you to capture pictures of school boards or written documents and then enable you to improve them by using the various features. Users can crop, sharpen and straighten images, media or printed files to give them what a scanned file looks like. Your picture will be added to your OneNote account so you can restore it later or when you need it. www.office.com/setup

To better understand the steps below. Please note that the following steps apply to Microsoft Office OneNote for iOS.

How can we use microsoft office lens?

  • Open the OneNote icon and sign in to your Office setup related account
  • Go to Office.com/setup to create an account if you don’t already have one
  • Create a new note or open an existing one, now open the note in which you want to put in a picture
  • Depending on your iOS device, do the following
  • Users with iPad tap option Paste and when the options appear select Camera
  • IPhone users- Tap the camera icon on the ribbon above the keyboard
  • You will see the different image capture modes: whiteboard, PHOTO and DOCUMENT, choose a mode and click an image
  • The Office Lens app will recognize the image and automatically crop the image you have, but you can change the cropped image to change the crop by dragging the circles at each corner
  • When you finish tapping the changes and Office Lens save the photo to add your note

You have now captured an image and cropped it by edges. This feature helps you take pictures and files as if they are being scanned. However, if you want to go back to the built-in iOS camera app, you’ll simply need to make a few setting changes. Go to Settings> OneNote> Camera Settings and tap the Use Office Lens button to turn off. In case of difficulties, seek help from office setup and find the update.



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