Webroot Stops Working After Updating Smartphone:

Webroot Stops Working After Updating Smartphone:

Webroot security will work excellently to protect your device and in case, if you are stuck with any error then you can get it fixed just by taking the customer care help. To keep its working procedure fine, you will need to update your Smartphone and Webroot Mobile security from time to time. In case, if you just have updated your device and Webroot stops working after updating Smartphone then, we are here with the exact reasons and their resolution. www.webroot.com/safe

Resolution for Webroot Stops working after Smartphone update

Webroot Mobile security is the best when it comes to providing excellent protection to your device. If there is even a small error then, Mobile Security stops protecting your device, and hence, your privacy gets vulnerable. Follow the steps given below to fix Webroot and get your mobile security back.

Incomplete Update Installation

If you have updated your Smartphone and just after that, you won’t be able to use Webroot Mobile security then, there might be a chance that Smartphone isn’t installed properly. If there is a weak internet connection then, you won’t be able to install the new update. Also, if your Smartphone hasn’t ample space then, a new update won’t be installed. Therefore, clean up the mobile disk space and then, install the new update of Webroot.

Webroot Needs to Update

If you just have installed Smartphone and Webroot has stopped working then in that case, all you need to do is to update your Webroot too. This is because if you have installed Smartphone and Webroot hasn’t installed yet then, it might create a compatibility issue. In this scenario, go to the Play Store and then, navigate the Webroot antivirus. Now, tap on the Update option and wait for a while unless Webroot gets updated.

Check Minimum System Requirement

If you just have installed Smartphone and Webroot has stopped working then, you should check the minimum system requirement. In case, you should check the system requirements of the Smartphone for Webroot Mobile security. Free up space of your device and check the OS for installing Webroot Mobile security.

Webroot Server Error

If there is still an error occurs, then you have to check the server of Webroot. Sometimes, the Webroot server goes under repairing and hence, this mobile security stops working. There might be some reason in this case, and at this time, you should wait for a while unless the server gets repaired. It might take one hour sometimes but in rare cases.

Uninstall and Reinstall Webroot Mobile Security

If you have tried all the above-given steps and it has crossed 1 hour and still Webroot isn’t working on your Smartphone then, you should try the reinstallation procedure of Mobile security. To do this, uninstall Webroot from the Play store and then, go to file manager and search for Webroot and delete all setup files. Then, try to install it once more.

If you are facing any issue while installing Webroot then, this is the time to contact the experts at Webroot Customer Care Phone Number and get instant help regarding the installation. The experts have experience in dealing with Webroot-related errors and issues and hence, they will also help you to fix the error where it is not working on smartphones. www.webroot.com/safe



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