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If the Microsoft Office activation fails you will see the message Non-commercial Use/Unlicensed Product or message in the title bar of Microsoft Office Applications. 

It is easy to activate or deactivate MS Office products. You can activate Office 365 by simply logging in to your Microsoft account. You will need to enter the product code that was sent to you when you purchased Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office 365 is widely used across OS. MS Office is the most cost-effective productivity suite you can buy. key

To find out why your copy of Office 365 isn’t activating, use the Microsoft Office 365 activation troubleshooter.

Microsoft Office 365 Activation Troubleshooter

An enthusiastic activation troubleshooter is available for MS Office 365. This troubleshooter can be used with Office Professional, Office Home and Student, MS Office Home & Business, Office Professional, Office Professional, MS Office Home & Business and individual apps such as Word, Project and Outlook.

The Office states that this troubleshooter is expected for all non-subscription Office products. The troubleshooter says it is for Microsoft Office 365.

Alternative MS Office 365 troubleshooter

You can resolve activation issues using the Office Support and Recovery Supporter for Office 365. The revival and support supporter for Windows is only available and does not support Office 2019.

You can also activate the trouble, and Recovery and Support Supporter can be used to troubleshoot Outlook, Dynamics 365, Outlook, One Drive for Business and Skype for Business issues. This tool is the best to fix problems in MS Office Outlook.

These steps are less than what you need to do to fix Office 365 activation problems.

Step 1: Go to office 365, and download the Support & Recovery Assistant for MS Office 365. The web setup is actually downloaded.

Step 2 – Run the online setup to start the Recovery & Support Assistant.

Step 3: Run the Recovery program and keep supporter. Accept the license terms. Follow the instructions on screen to troubleshoot Office 365 activation problems.

Contact the Support Team for any question

These steps may not work if you don’t follow them. There is no need to be worried. You can contact Microsoft office specialists at any time. For assistance by the experts at, our experts are available 24/7.



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