Must-Try the Real taste of Andhra style food in Bangalore

Must-Try the Real taste of Andhra style food in Bangalore

Andhra Pradesh is known for its spiciest and tastiest food also in all around the country. Andhra cuisine is one of the best cuisine in the world.There are lots of famous dishes in Andhra Pradesh that each one of you must try to taste at least once in your lifetime.

The only inspiration behind such food lies in the opulent culture of the state, where exotic food is being prepared in the kitchen of Nawabs since the year of its origin. The region offers a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes holding its uniqueness and food habits.

Best Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore:

One of the excellent Andhra restaurants in Bangalore is Nandhana Restaurants. They serve Andhra food is very tasty and spicy. They prepared Andhra food is fresh ingredients which give the real taste of Andhra food.

Biryani is the most Famous and Everyone’s Food in India. Especially Andhra Biryani is most famous in all our country. In Bangalore, Nandhana Restaurants prepared Hyderabad Chicken Biryani and Nellore Mutton Biryani is very Tasty.

There are many stand out vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at our Andhra Style Restaurant in Bangalore which you will love the most. Some of them are Hyderabad Chicken Leg Biryani, Andhra Veg Carrier Meals, Nellore Mutton Biryani, Nellore Chicken Biryani, Chicken Sholay Kabab, Nandhana Chicken Pepper Roast, Amaravathi Chicken Boneless, Mutton Nalli, Carrot 65, Nandhana Special Paneer Dry, Mushroom Pepper Dry, Babycorn Pudina Dry and much more.

Visit our best Andhra style restaurants today and experience the memorable dining experience which you will cherish forever. Nandhana Restaurants also provides food to take away and order online services for your convenience. Order Andhra food online in Bangalore at Nandhana Restaurants.



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