kaspersky activation code | kaspersky activation

kaspersky activation code | kaspersky activation

Check the internet connection.
Please check the date and time should be correct on your computer. If not then please correct it.
Now check whether your computer fulfills the system requirement or not to install Kaspersky.
Uninstall any other antivirus or software with conflicts or incompatible with Kaspersky from your computer before the installation with Kaspersky activation code gets started.
Now download the Kaspersky installation package from the Kaspersky website.
Run the installer, then you get Welcome Screen. Now click on Continue.
Read the Kaspersky Lab End User License Agreement, Privacy Policy correctly and then tick on the checkbox. After that click on Accept and proceed.
On screen, now it will ask for install Kaspersky Activation code.
Type the Kaspersky activation code which contains only Latin characters and numeric digits into the Activation window. Confirm whether the keyboard layout is correct before you enter the code.
If you cannot find the Activation window then contact our customer support via chat or call us.
After typing the Kaspersky Activation code, Click on Activate.
Now the installation process starts. Wait for couple of minutes to get installation complete.
When Kaspersky installation gets complete click on Done.



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