5 Tips and Tricks to Defeat Evil and Survive in Archero

1. Be on your toes

In the game, you have to make use of the joystick for moving around. When you stop moving, you get shot. It is hard as you will be out in the open. In order to survive, you need just to dodge your enemies and protect yourself from the arrows. Keep moving around and dodging your enemies. When you see a projectile headed in your direction, you shall have sufficient time for avoiding it. This can become complex as multiple enemies shoot at your at once.

The best way to tackle multiple enemies is to go to a corner and wait it out.

2. Choose the abilities wisely

When you level up in an adventure in Archero, you get the option for choosing your ability. This ability can be used for defeating evil monsters. However, you should know that the adventure levels different from the overall game levels. You can select from a number of abilities in an adventure, and when you unlock a new chapter, more abilities will get added to the list. From the 2nd chapter, you can pick any starter ability.

If you want to pick an offensive ability, then go for Bouncy Wall or Ricochet. In case you have to defeat a number of enemies, then Bouncy Wall is your best bet. When it comes to defense, you can go for Shield Guard or Invisibility Star.

3. Save the Coins

Each time you defeat your enemy, you get rewarded with coins. To earn coins, you can also use the lucky spin. Using these coins, you can not only buy Talents but also upgrade them. Talents are eternal upgrades to the character. Coins can also be used for upgrading the character’s equipment.

Talents get randomly chosen when you purchase them, and they will permanently increase your ability. The Talents include strength, power, recover, iron bulwark, agile, inspire, time reward, glory, and enhance equipment.

4. Don’t Waste Gems

Apart from coins, gems are also a currency in Archero. You can get gems when you level up in the overall game or when you complete the requirements of stage rewards. With these gems, you can buy chests which offer equipment for your character. You can also use the gems for reviving your character. However, you cannot revive your character more than once in a single adventure. If you die twice, then you will not get the choice to revive.

5. Keep Shooting

Just because you cannot see your enemy, does not mean you should not shoot. In case you are safely positioned in another side of the level, distanced from your enemy, then make the best out of it. However, you should know that your enemy can also shoot from a distance, just like you.

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