How You Can Enable Solution Configuration In Visual Studio? –

How You Can Enable Solution Configuration In Visual Studio? –

Microsoft Visual Studio is coding platform software. It can be used to create websites, apps, web service, and computer programs. It is compatible with Windows API, Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation. key

C++, Visual Basic.NET and F# are all built-in languages. Plugins are available for languages like Ruby, Node JS and M.

Visual Studio’s most basic edition is the Community edition. This is a fully-featured IDE that is free to students and open-source for developers.

You can enable it by using 36 programming languages. Users can use the plugins service, which is available as functionality service. It allows users to install functionality services, instead of supporting any programming language. To install Microsoft Office on your computer/MAC,

The IDE provides 3 types of services:

  • SVs Solution: This gives you the ability to identify potential ventures and agreements.
  • SVsUIShell – It provides windowing and UI utility (counting tabs and toolbars and apparatus windows).
  • SVsShell is responsible for enlistment of VSPackages. The IDE can also be used to organize and empower correspondence between services. All editors, originators and project types are able to access VSPackages. Visual Studio uses COM to access the VSPackages.

Visual Studio SDK also includes the Managed Package Framework. This is a set of oversaw covers around the COM interfaces that allow the Packages in any CLI-friendly language. MPF does not provide all the benefits of the different bundle formations. However, it adds usefulness to Visual Studio IDE.


  • It has a tremendous IntelliSense
  • Simple interface
  • Standardization of the development environment for all team members
  • Provides mistake-free coding
  • Customization
  • Debugging
  • Development


  • It can be slow at times, especially when you are opening large projects.
  • It takes up a lot of memory space because it is functional, which can lead to a significant slowdown in the system.
  • Learning curves can be overwhelming.

Visual Studio Express editions are installed with their own AppIds. However, the Standard, Professional and Team Suite editions share the same AppId.

The professional edition includes a subset of VSPackages. The standard edition contains a superset. The team suite includes a subset of VSPackages from both editions. Visual Studio 2008 uses the AppId system to leverage Visual Studio Shell.



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