How to Use Webroot Secure Browser For Safe Browsing? –

How to Use Webroot Secure Browser For Safe Browsing? –

Webroot not only protects your device but also takes care of your online privacy. It includes a custom-built Secure Browser that provides the users a safe and secures way for internet browsing. Most importantly, a secure platform is there that assist you to do all online banking and make your secret online transaction like credit card payments, and online shopping without any tension of being hacked. enter key code

This secure browser protects you from attacks such as man-in the-browser, hijacking and rootkits. It also helps to block malicious plugins and extension. Webroot Secure Browser will protect you online.

It protect you against network attacks like TLS/SLS spoofing and adds the security layer against website threats and filter malicious content and detects website phishing. This browser comes with Webroot Internet Security and Premium protection and proved an important security level. This secure browser, along with other features, provides protection against malicious and vulnerable browser extensions.

Let’s take for instance, extensions for Chrome and Firefox that collect private data from a large number of users. This collected data include travel details, credit/debit card information, online shopping history, medical records, GPS locations, file attachments, and more.

Webroot Secure Browse also protects against increasingly common attack ways that are specifically detected at the browsers. They include taking over a browser and it redirect the data and intercept the browser information. It detects website phishing and filters out malicious content. This browser includes all of the features you would expect, such as address bar hints and keyboard shortcuts.



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