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Microsoft 365 Targets Chromebook 

Google’s Chromebook is the most popular in education, but Microsoft might have a better option.

Chromebooks are no longer a rare commodity. They are now a common option for academics (e.g. college students, kids, teachers, etc.). Microsoft has watched over the years as Google’s low-cost laptop took away the Windows PC market. Google Chromebook’s most notable feature is its affordable price. A decent Chromebook can be purchased for less than $200, while a more expensive model costs as much as $500. find the office installation key

Microsoft wants to make Google look bad by trying to win the game at its own games. Chromebooks cost twice as much as Windows laptops, but there are changes.

The New Generation of Windows 10 S Devices

Microsoft and its partners unveiled four new Windows 10 S devices recently at the Bett education fair in London. The company announced that they had made new devices for education markets.

The $189 Lenovo laptop is the most intriguing. Although its black design and plastic build might not be appealing to many, it is powered by Intel’s Apollo Lake-generation Celeron processors. It could be a game changer for Microsoft, provided its specs are good.

Microsoft also introduced the Lenovo 300e laptop, a 2-in-1 convertible laptop with touch and pen support, for $189. It is only $289. They also displayed two other Lenovo laptops (nontouch and touch models) for $199 and $299.

Edge in Software Department

Chrome OS’s browser-based, lightweight experience is not comparable to Windows 10 S. However, it has been optimized for low-end computers. Students and teachers still love Microsoft Office Suite.

Microsoft Office apps still hold a competitive advantage over Google’s productivity applications from a business perspective, despite the similarities. Schools can take advantage of Microsoft’s newest laptops at a low price and offer Office 365 Education to teachers.

Sweet Education Deals

This spring, Microsoft will release a new Chemistry Update for Minecraft Education Edition. The game will be focused on experimentation, such as building compounds and tackling stable isotopes.

It will be free for all Minecraft Education Edition users, the company stated.

Microsoft has also optimized Word for Outlook desktop, Mac and OneNote iPad Mac. Microsoft has revealed new optimized apps that include an immersive reader that aids in writing and reading.

Microsoft will offer 10% discount on its Holo Lens headsets to schools in an effort to attract them. Six new Mixed Reality content will be made available for the Microsoft HoloLens. These immersive experiences will be for students only, and are just one way to get schools to use Microsoft’s augmented realities headsets.

These are all part of Microsoft’s renewed efforts to convince teachers and students to continue using its software and services. It is clear that the company has plans to remain relevant in light of Chromebooks’ incredible rise in education.



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