Enjoy Your Favourite and Spicy food at the best Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore.

Enjoy Your Favourite and Spicy food at the best Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore.

Aromatic Andhra cuisine:

Andhra cuisine is a cuisine of South India native to the Telugu people from the states of Andhra. Generally known for its tangy, hot and spicy tasty food. The Andhra cuisine comprises of both mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. The state that gave a whole new explanation and taste to Biryani is famous for giving birth to some of the most delicious Biryani and Pulao recipes. The original mouth-watering Andhra cuisine Chicken Biryani uses a rich blend of aromatic herbs and spices to give the long and thin rice grains with a juicy taste. Tossed vegetables are mixed with Chicken Biryani to bring the taste it is best known for. Try the Andhra Chicken Biryani for your lunch or dinner to have a juicy fulfilling experience in Our Andhra Restaurants.

To taste the Spicy and tasty Andhra food:

One of the most Excellent Andhra cuisine restaurants in Bangalore is Nandhana Restaurant. We serve the best original taste of Andhra cuisine in Bangalore. The best part of our Andhra food is that it’s amazing enough to make your mouth water too. Nandhana Restaurants, which serves countless customers who come for a taste of the famous Andhra Biryani or meals as they call it, and Other Andhra foods. The restaurant has very Comfortable, yet authentic menu with items like Andhra Veg Carrier Meals, Chilli Chicken A/S, Chicken Sholay Kabab, Nellore Chicken Biryani, Nellore Mutton Biryani, Hyderabad Chicken Biryani and more.



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