add webroot to the second computer | McAfee Customer Community

add webroot to the second computer | McAfee Customer Community

add webroot to the second computer: to add Webroot to another computer first of all you need to have a license for more than one system. Now if you have one simply login to your Webroot account there you can add or remove any system. After adding you can download the program for that system.In case you have a one user license then you can install it on only one system. Login to Webroot account on that device where you want to add Webroot. So you can download after adding that device to the Webroot account.In case you don’t find your Webroot account then go through “find Webroot my account”.In case you are searching for how to install Webroot for the first time see below-Webroot Secureanywhere keycode or Webroot keycode :A Webroot keycode is 20 characters alphanumeric code which is used to activate a Webroot license. This is the code which is your license actually. If you have it then you can download your Webroot anytime online. The keycode contains numbers and alphabets mix-up. You can find this keycode on the back of a retail card which you got from an offline store like geek squad, office depot. In case of an online purchase you will this keycode on your email associated with the store or you can find the key code inside your store account.Precautions for a Webroot retail card - If you have a Webroot retail card then you need to peel or scratch the back of the card to get the keycode. Most noteworthy this here is you need to scratch the place with key code very gently otherwise the keycode characters may get a scratch and then your installation will get jeopardy. STEP BY STEP BEST BUY WEBROOT INSTALL FOR WINDOWS 7 OR WINDOWS 10 
Open a Web browser on your computer. A web browser is like safari, internet explorer, or Mozilla firefox. If you have windows 10 then you may have a Microsoft edge.
Now on the URL box of your browser enter and hit the enter key.
A page will open where you need to put your keycode and email, then submit.
Now depending on the browser, it will directly download the program or it will show you options to download, save, run, or cancel. 
Complete the download and run the program to complete the installation.
BEST BUY WEBROOT INSTALL FOR WINDOWS 7 OR WINDOWS 8 AT WEBROOT SECUREANYWHERE MY ACCOUNT INSTEAD OF WWW.WEBROOT.COM/SAFEAnother way to install webroot – instead of going to direct install page, you can create a webroot Secureanywhere account –Creating a webroot account is very easy.Go to the webroot official website, choose “home” on the very top of the menu.Now even see the very top right section of the menu is this new page of the home section. You will find an option “my account”. Click on that this time.When you will click “my account” a new page will open there you will find a login option, as well as a, create account option.
Go to the create account option fill the email, password, security code, and security question on that form.
Note it down somewhere because you are going to use both passwords for the login.
Now open your email inbox you will an activation link for your account from the webroot.
Click on that and you will find a page where you can put your created details.
Enter the details and login to your webroot account.
Inside the account section, you can add or remove your product.
Add your keycode to the account and now you can download your product on any of your devices after logging in.
The best part of webroot “my account” is you can recover your webroot at any point in time in the future within the subscription period. You do not get this luxury on the install with page.
But installing with is a timesaver. But one more what we will say that creating an account is the best way to install any of the software or internet security.
A good consumer always does the right to get the full benefit of services.



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